Eldercare made simpler

Are you caring for your aging or ailing parent? Are other family members and caregivers helping you? If so, you need MyParent!

MyParent is a mobile app that helps you simplify all aspects of eldercare:

  • Coordinate your parent’s care with your family members
  • Get reminders for doctor appointments and other important events
  • Keep track of your parents’ prescriptions, notes from doctor visits, documents, and more with a searchable shared library
  • Stay organized with shared to-do lists, grocery lists, and medication lists
  • Exchange 1:1 and group messages with other family members and caregivers

Download the app for free, and try it free for 14 days.

After that, it’s just $9.99 per month for everyone in your family. You can invite as many family members or caregivers as you want.

Our app is launching soon.

To be notified when we go live, please email us at team@famterra.com

screenshot of MyParent contacts screen

How MyParent Can Help You

Shared calendar

Share the caregiving schedule with your family members. Easily keep track of doctor appointments and other important events.

Shared library

Easily share photos, notes, documents and contacts with your family members, so that they are always at your fingertips when you need them.


Communicate with your family members and professional caregivers instantly, privately and securely. Both private and group messages are supported.